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Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth abroad with the Swedish Chamber of
Commerce India

The Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad is offering a scholarship for young talents to gain international experience by joining the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in New Delhi, India for a period of 12 months.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Often referred to as the world’s biggest democracy with a 1.6 billion strong population, the country is multi-faceted and diverse in all possible ways.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce India is the hub for Swedish companies established in the country. We work together with our members to build long-term, successful, and meaningful business operations. One of the key topics in the India-Sweden relationship is holistic sustainability, for business, environment, and people.

During your time with us you will be involved in projects, activities, and studies we conduct to drive our strategic agenda. The work requires you to have excellent people skills, to be organised and have a knack for creative communication. We want you to pay attention to details but never lose sight of the bigger picture. Your tasks will vary from event management, producing communication material, member care, research, and data collection. We appreciate your ability to conduct in-depth studies independently, prepare topic specific material and creatively work with all this to bring Swedish industry to the forefront.

One of our key programmes is Kraftsamla, with focus on creating inclusive and equitable organisations, increase the presence of women in the workforce, and build cultures that embrace diversity. This year, we are especially looking for someone with a keen interest in gender justice, diversity and social sustainability.

To apply for this scholarship, we believe you have recently completed a bachelor's or master's level at a Swedish university. Beyond your qualifications, we are more interested to see if you would fit into our team and context. Applications for the 2023/2024 scholarship, with start in August, are now open. Please send your CV and personal letter in English to Sara Larsson, Head of SCCI, via latest by 15th May 2023.


If you have any questions, please contact us here

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